Starting 3rd round of chemo this Thursday!

I want everyone to know I am doing very well. I will go back into the hospital this Thursday to start my third cycle of chemo. I believe I will also get a PET scan this time to see if there are any active cancer cells. Last time I got an X-ray which does not actually show if there is cancer left. It did show that my tumor shrunk but I need a PET scan to be able to see any active cancer cells. Either way I will still need to complete all cycles which will be 6 to 8 depending on what my doctor wants.
This past Saturday I went to a lymphoma research workshop. I was only able to go to part of it because I found out about it last minute. However I am so glad that I went. I met several other people going through the same thing as me. I met doctors. I was able to ask questions and I learned a lot about lymphoma. I am trying to become more involved and thought that would be a great place to start.
I want to specifically thank my parents who have been so amazing through all of this. They are always here to help me. They are always thinking of me and going out of their way for me. They come to my house often and cook for me. Clean for me. They make me laugh. Honestly I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have a child diagnosed with cancer. It has got to be one of the hardest things for a parent to go through and I appreciate their strength and everything they do for me.
Oh and I want to remind everyone that you can become a follower of my page. It should be at the bottom of the site. You can sign up with your email so that you are notified every time I make a post. You will NOT get junk mail sent to your email or be put on any other email lists. You don’t have to register with a password or anything. Just enter your email address to follow my blog! Please feel free to share my blog on Facebook. Or through email. I really want to get my story out there and reach as many people as possible who might be newly diagnosed or going through something similar. When I was first diagnosed I spent countless hours online reading other peoples stories and not all of them were positive. There was a lot of negativity. I really want people to know that you can still be positive even with cancer.
Thanks! Goodnight 😴

4 thoughts on “Starting 3rd round of chemo this Thursday!

  1. Bev Halleckson "BHH"

    Best of luck with your third round and PET, Amy.
    Thank you so very much for your updates.
    You and your family are always close in thought.


  2. Colleen

    I hope your 3rd round of chemo goes as well as your last one. I love reading your posts…..You are truly an inspiration!! I think about your mom and dad often and yes, I can only imagine how hard it must be for them to see their child going through this. I continue to keep you in my prayers Amy!


  3. Aunt Delice & Uncle Bill

    Amy, We just found out about your struggle from your grandmother. Be assured with the Lords help you will get through this. He is in your presence every moment. You will be included in our prayer list at home and in our parish church of St. John. I would invite all your friends who view your blog to do so also. Prayer is powerful!!


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