Post chemo update – one month

I can’t believe it’s been a month already. I’m finally getting my energy back. I have been back to the gym a few times and trying to commit to 3 times a week to start. I still get out of breath easily but I’ll be back to normal soon enough. My hair is starting to come in. It took awhile to start but I think it’s pretty good for one month! I also officially got my port removed about 2 weeks ago. That was kind of what made it all official that cancer is really behind me now. I was happy and relieved to get that out. I was looking forward to that in more ways than one. Although surgery sucks. The meds aren’t all that bad lol. In fact, they are great. But I am happy it’s OVER!! Last Thursday I went to a Gala for the Lymphoma Research Foundation. It was in Minneapolis. I was invited by my daughters dance teacher who is heavily involved with the lymphoma research foundation. Raising money for research is so incredibly important. Yes we all hope for a cure. But until that day comes, new treatments, better and more effective treatments are being discovered. I can relate to the importance of that. When I was diagnosed I had two options. The standard rchop that has been around forever, and has a 45% success rate, or epoch which just became available here in the United States a few MONTHS prior to my diagnosis, this one had an 85% success rate and went exactly as planned. So even though we are getting closer to a cure, all the research isn’t going to waste! I’m so excited to be involved with the lymphoma research foundation. I never imagined getting cancer at 29 but I also never imagined where it would take me. Everything is falling into place. I absolutely love waking up every single day feeling so grateful for another day.  I am proactive in life now rather than letting it just pass me by waiting for something magical to happen. You get to make the magic in your life. And that is so powerful once you truly understand that. No one else is going to do it for you. And it’s not going to just happen. Magic isn’t real. It’s created. For entertainment. Magicians have a passion for magic. They want to make people happy. Once you have that same passion for life, you too want to make people happy. And in return it makes you happy. Boom. Magic. So there you go. 


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