6 month remission!!!!

I am happy to report that my 6 month follow up went just fine!  I did not get any scans since I am not experiencing any symptoms other than my shoulder pain that never fully went away. I did request blood work. My counts are still a little low, however my doc says it’s nothing to worry about. My hair is growing, eyelashes and eyebrows are fully back! 

It has officially been 1 year since my diagnosis, I was diagnosed last August. As the weather starts to cool off now, it very much brings me back to the scariest and most unpredictable time of my life. Fall was my favorite season, and still is, however, it feels very different than ever before. This time last year was back to school time for my daughter and off to my first hospital stay for me. I missed her first day of school last year since I was in the hospital receiving my first cancer treatment, I was preparing to fight for my life, the biggest job I have ever been assigned to (other than parenting!), it was a FULL TIME  job and no job since then even compares. I am trying to keep myself as busy as I can for the most part. I have enjoyed my summer with my daughter so much. My time with her is so much more meaningful now than ever before; it’s always been meaningful, but now I try very hard not to take it for granted. Life is so fragile and good health isn’t something promised to us. It can change in the blink of and eye and let me tell you, when you aren’t healthy and don’t feel well day after day after day, it’s hard to enjoy anything. You sit back and watch the world go round and round while yours seems to stand still. I remember being too week to even push a cart through target on my own. I can’t believe how much can change in just one year. It truly amazes me where life can take us. But, no matter where we are in life or where we end up, there are some things that stay consistent throughout,  God, family, and good friends…..everything else comes and goes but these are the things you can always count on. Don’t take them for granted. 



11 thoughts on “6 month remission!!!!

  1. Catherine Godwin

    I love reading your posts – Today was my last chemo! Woohoo! How are you doing now? Keep us updated please 🙂 Catherine


      1. Catherine Godwin

        I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma… an aggressive tumor… after a routine mammography. Ended up getting a double mastectomy. I’m putting off my reconstruction until next spring. I need a break from doctors and hospitals. Next week is my first follow-up with my oncologist to, I think, discuss “the plan”. I’m concerned that any future “cancers” might go undetected for awhile since I never had any markers or indicators in my blood work. We’ll see what he says. Congratulations on your 6 month check-up! I was so happy to hear your news! I totally identify with everything that you write about… especially about how incredibly meaningful every moment we spend with our kids is… even more so after battling cancer – I pray you stay on the path that you’re on and that the word cancer will only be a thing of the past


      2. Thank you! Let me know how your follow up goes. Yes it is scary where there aren’t any markers or indicators. That is a little unsettling to say the least! I pray everything works out. It will! So happy you caught it when you did!!!


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