Birthday :)

(((Birthday was actually April 28th, I wrote this and forgot to post it. Shocking I know.)))

  Lots of things happened in my 20’s but I am so happy to be moving into my 30’s. I’ve never been here before but I’m told it’s great!

Nothing in our future is promised to us. Not tomorrow. Not another birthday, holiday, season or milestone. I never imagined that my 30th birthday would be so much more than just my 30th birthday. I never imagined I would have survived cancer by the time I reached 30 years old. I also never would have imagined the impact this would have on me, and it has made celebrating my birthday this year so much more meaningful. At first, I wasn’t sure how to celebrate such an important day. But in the end, more than a big party or going out and spending an unnecessary amount of money, just spending time with the people I love is all I wanted.  It was a great birthday. Everyone keeps telling me the 30’s are the best and I believe it, no complaints so far.

 I will be having my 6 month checkup in July. It just can’t come soon enough. I just want so badly to go and be told that I am still okay and have nothing to worry about. I have still been a regular at my doctors office throughout the past couple months though 😁. I still worry about every little thing. I try really hard not to. Some days are better than others. Every chest pain, cough, bruise, you name it, I’m at the doctor looking for answers. It just is what it is for awhile anyway I guess. I get my blood checked every so often just for fun. My white blood count is low again which I don’t like but my doctor said not worry. My blood pressure is low and never has been before. I don’t know why. But other than that, I feel pretty great. I am trying to stay connected and involved in the lymphoma research foundation. I am participating in the walk for a cure event happening this coming Saturday around lake Nokomis. I am super excited about that. I will also be fundraising for the Relay for Life coming up as well! Research is so important. I never realized this before, quite as much as I do now after having been through it myself.  Not only does research go towards finding a cure, but it improves cancer treatments and provides more options to those who do not respond to standard treatments. It provides hope. And when you get a cancer diagnosis, you need hope. Sometimes hope is all you have. And that goes for any disease, not just cancer. Please donate to foundations important to you and please always remember to thank God for your health and pray for those who need it.

4 thoughts on “Birthday :)

  1. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday! I have Hope and I will always pray for you. Your BEAUTIFUL @30! In the Horse rescue network we call it a Second Chance at LIFE. Everyone deserves that. God Bless YOU!


  2. Colleen

    It’s so nice to read your posts and catch up on how you’re doing. I ask Jen often about you and I’m so happy to hear that you’re doing great! I truly believe that God will bless you with a long, healthy life…..God is good!!

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