Finishing up 3rd cycle

I have been in the hospital now since Thursday of last week. I get out tomorrow (Tuesday)! Things have been going very smoothly. My doctor calls me a me a boring patient which is good I guess. I managed to get outside a few times today. ! My dog summit came to visit me at the hospital today. I didn’t know until now that pets were allowed until I saw another dog here. So that was a great surprise. Not much else to report other than I am hopefully half way through this!!! As far as side effects at this point. Eating has been the biggest challenge. Most things make me want to just throw up. Im sleeping ALOT! I think that is just the accumulation of three cycles now. Some medications have given me stomach cramps as well. Other than that things are going really good. My daily exercise is walking to the gift shop to buy magazines….The life of a cancer patient. I’m excited to get home but then again, I won’t have all these people waiting on me hand and foot around the clock 😜





3 thoughts on “Finishing up 3rd cycle

  1. Jennifer

    Half way hooray! I’m so happy for you. Dogs are welcome? You gotta be kindling that’s wonderful a news…hang in there….your still incredibly beautiful.


  2. hi amy, you are such an inspiration with your positive attitude and strong will. I continue to pray for healing for you each day. God bless you, stay strong……….. love Aunt


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