Monday Sept. 1st – one more night of my first round of chemo

It is Monday. I am still here. I was unhooked from my chemo this morning around 11:00am. I thought I was going to get out today, however, I need one more medicine by IV 12 hours after my chemo ends which means 11pm tonight. I also need a lumbar puncture tomorrow morning at 10:00 am to inject chemo into my spine as a preventative. They also want to watch me closely which is why they decided to keep me tonight again. I am at a risk of TLS which stands for tumor lysis syndrome. Basically, when large amounts of cancer cells are destroyed at once, they break open and what is inside gets released into your blood. (Uric acid, potassium, phosphorus). If the kidneys get clogged or cannot get rid of these substances fast enough, kidney damage can occur. As a precaution they have me on IV fluids again tonight. All of my blood work looks good so far. It It just something that “could” happen but is treatable. So one more night here. Will get my spinal tap tomorrow morning and hopefully go home and rest after that!
Thank you to everyone who has supported me this week during my first chemo cycle. Everyone who visited me and kept me company. Everyone who has helped with my daughter and family. Everyone who has texted or messaged me to check in. I appreciate all of it so much. I’m surprised at how smoothly things have gone so far and how well I have been tolerating the chemo. My doc gives me ten to 14 days for my hair. Another hair cut is on the horizon….

5 thoughts on “Monday Sept. 1st – one more night of my first round of chemo

  1. Bev Hale-Halleckson "BHH"

    You are a true inspiration, Amy, and you deserve to be commended. Congratulations on nearly completing your first very difficult round.
    My heart and strength are with you as you transition home and surround yourself with those who love you and share your positivity and energy.
    Will be thinking of you.


  2. Angela

    Hooray for going home tomorrow! Congratulations on completing your 1st round of chemo! You did an amazing job! Keep staying positive & in the light! You should be very proud of your strength & courage! I will keep praying for you & will happily await more updates. : ) God Bless You Amy!!! 👼
    💜 Ang


  3. Colleen

    It was so nice to see you tonight Amy. You look wonderful (as always). It will feel great to be back home and resting in your own bed. Take care and keep us posted!


  4. bree

    Thinking of you. Glad youre home and doing well. You have amazing strength and im praying and thinking of you every step of the way. I will always be here if you need me. Xoxo


  5. Katie

    Amy, I can not express how much I think about you, your situation and how much I hope and pray that you get healed. After reading all your posts, describing you with ‘strength’ does not do you justice. You are a fighter and girl, I hope you kick cancers ass!!! I hope to visit you soon enough. Let me know if there is ever anything you want/need. Until then, take good care of yourself ❤


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