Heavy heart

I’m having an emotional day today. A woman I know passed away this morning. She has been battling breast cancer for a while now and the treatments stopped working. She leaves behind a family including teenage children. She reached out to me on Facebook a while back and I feel terrible I never got back to her, because I didn’t even see the message until now.  Sometimes this Facebook messages are hidden I don’t know why. I was also fighting my own battle. But I feel like I missed a great opportunity to know her. There were times in the hospital, when I witnessed people lose their battle. They were across the hall from me so as I sat in my bed those nights I watched all of it unfold through my door window, as the family gathered in the hall with the priest or pastor. Then, the next morning everyone was gone, the room was empty, cleaned and ready for someone else. There is a special connection to others fighting the same battle, even those I don’t know, and when someone passes due to this horrible disease, I feel a little defeated and guilty at the same time. I just pray for her and her family.

6 thoughts on “Heavy heart

  1. Colleen

    Amy, don’t blame yourself for not getting back to her. I know she understood you had your own battle to fight at that time and I’m sure she was surrounded by many family and friends who were there to support her. Letting your emotions surface is healthy and you certainly deserve to do that given what you’ve been through!!


  2. Jennifer Webb

    Keep your head up your still healing… I met this woman one time that told me she would volunteer at the hospital holding peoples hands as they died. You know old folks who had no family left. I thought to myself what a courageous women she was… that was not something I didn’t think I could do. Sounds like your feeling guilty for your blessing. Please stay focused and if help others achieves that then you must reach out a helping hand knowing time is not always there for some of us. You have gift with words and ambitious strength, but you are human too. I’m will always praying for you so pls never give up. Your mind needs to be in the right place to heal so do what ever it takes to maintain that peace & balance. Your are super courageous to me.


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