No more chemo :)

I am home recovering from my very last round of chemo therapy. I am so happy I can actually unpack my hospital bag this time and not have to go back! I am doing great, just the normal stuff going on right now. I had my nuelasta shot on Friday so I am still sore from that. I have had a bad headache for a few days. Still have the chemo taste in my mouth and bleeding gums when I brush my teeth. I have been hanging out in bed taking it easy. I have a PET scan in about one month. That will be the final scan that will tell me if I am cancer free! I am excited to get back to the gym and get back in shape. Im excited to hopefully have energy again soon. I’m excited that I do not have any more hospital stays to put in my calendar! I’m not really sure what to do now though. It’s weird. Everything came to a complete stop and now I guess I’m supposed to slowly start getting back to my life outside of cancer. Not really sure yet how to do that but for now I am just going to take everything slow. One day at a time. Cancer definitely slowed things down for me and put life into perspective and I don’t want to lose that. Before cancer I was focusing on the wrong things, life was moving too fast and I wasn’t getting much out of it. I have learned to appreciate the things I should, be present and focus on the right things. I have learned and felt how fragile life really is. That is a feeling that I will have forever   

6 thoughts on “No more chemo :)

  1. Colleen

    That’s great news Amy! Your health journey is a lesson for all of us to appreciate the simple things in life and not to take those things for granted. I pray for good news next month!!


  2. Mary Jo Dailey

    Thanks be to God! Sending continued healing prayers for a full recovery and that you gain strength and stamina each and every day also prayers for your continued patience and courage and inspiring attitude. May all your family be blessed with this miracle. Much love and many hugs! with love and blessings, Mary Jo


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