Half way through the last chemo!

Today is Monday and I get out of the hospital on  Wednesday. Christmas Eve morning. Everything has been going great. Been here since Friday. Everything is going as expected. My friend Jen brought me a Christmas tree and decorated it. I can’t believe this is almost over! Then I have to wait three weeks for a scan. Eeeeeeekkkkk!!! Too long! My appetite is very small this time. Nothing really appeals to me at all. I am so excited for my hair to start coming back. I have watched videos and read up on it and although it’s different for everyone it sounds like between 8 and 16 weeks is when actual growth starts to happen. Hopefully by summer I will have atleast and inch if hair. I don’t want to be wearing hats and wigs in the summer. My eyebrows are gone! Like totally gone! Those took the longest to lose. My lashes started growing back and stopped again. Agh I just can’t wait to look in the mirror again and not be upset. More importantly I am excited to see a clean scan! Fingers crossed. Praying for clean results!! I do not want radiation. That’s  all for now. I am going to take a nap 😞

3 thoughts on “Half way through the last chemo!

  1. Jennifer

    My fingers are crossed, I’m Praying too. I think your beautiful With & WIthout Hair. I think it will snow today for you! Tomorrow too. Love YA!


  2. Colleen

    Have a great party tonight Amy! Wish I could come, but I’ve been coughing the past few days and certainly wouldn’t want to expose you to any crud that’s going around. We’ll be thinking of you and wish you a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled with happiness, health and love. Love you!


    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for the scarf! I love it. U didn’t have to do that. I absolutely love it. Thank you for being a part of this all the way through! Love you guys too!!!


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