LAST chemo!

Well it is finally here. It’s Friday night and I have finished my last RITUXAN. I am now on my 1st of four 24 hour chemo bags. Then an hour of Cytoxin on Christmas Eve morning and I am out of here!!! Can’t believe this is my last time here. It is good though. I am ready to move on and put this all behind me. I saw my doctor this morning. I will post a pic of us below. He is great! I really am blessed to have a great doctor. I bought him a Christmas present. I forgot it this morning and was going to give it to him Monday. Then I found out today he is Jewish! Ha! Guess I’m going to have to change the wrapping before Monday. 😱. I let my daughter stay home from school today to come spend the day with me. Because I will be here until Christmas Eve morning, I had to have everything ready, wrapped and under the tree before I came in today and i did it! I’m usually a last minute Christmas shopper but it is so nice to have it done.  I won’t get my nuelasta shot (the one that makes my body hurt really bad) until the day after Christmas so that I can be feeling good through Christmas and then I can rest a lot after! I did ask my doctor about the pain in my chest after I went snowboarding. He said it is likely just the scar tissue in there and that I might always have that pain but it isn’t anything to worry about. I am also still having terrible night sweats. He said that is likely a side effect of the chemo. He said because I am so young this should go away in 6 months to a year. But sometimes not. We just have to wait and see. It’s late now and I am going to sleep!!!! Goodnight.

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