Cancer doesn’t care who you are…

It is estimated that every 3 minutes someone in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer. The most recent one in the news is Eric Berry, an NFL football player who plays for Kansas City Chiefs, whose football season was cut short this year after a “mass” was found in the right side of his chest. I know all too well what he must be going through. I have begun to really hate the word “mass” and I’m sure he will too. The word “mass” is what they use instead of saying tumor. We all know what a tumor is. But when you are told you have a “mass” it is confusing and frustrating. Just call it what it is! At least that is how I felt about it. Eric Berry released a statement saying that he will be back! He sounds very positive and optimistic which is great to see. Especially since he is a role model and he will inspire a lot of people! Link for the full story is below.

2 thoughts on “Cancer doesn’t care who you are…

  1. Jennifer

    Me too!! I hate that word now as well. Posting facts are extremely helpful for those of us who have not been touched by a person fighting cancer. Thank you so much for sharing your STORY! Your Amazing.


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