CT results = officially half way through chemo!

Today I began my 4th round of inpatient chemo. I am back at the hospital for the week. I also received my CT scan results from my scan last week. The scan results were great! The tumor is gone! There is scar tissue left which is normal. But the tumor is gone which means I will only need 6 treatments of chemo. At the end of that, I will get a PET scan which is the scan that will show any active cancer cells that are left, they will light up on the screen. If there is anything that shouldn’t be there then I will receive radiation. I’m hoping all will be clear!
I learned today that my diaphragm has been affected by the large tumor and is not functioning to it’s full potential. The diaphragm separates lower organs from heart and lungs and draws air in and out of lungs. This could be why I have shortness of breath. My doc doesn’t seem too worried about it at this point though. My doctor did tell me that if I had this cancer while on a deserted island some where, without access to treatment , it would have taken my life already. Thankfully with treatment I have a very high cure rate, it is so scary to think that this would have taken my life had I not found out when I did or didn’t have access to treatment. It’s a weird feeling to have your own body betray you like that.
My doc had colon cancer 7 years ago. It’s nice that we both share the experience of being told that you have cancer. Even with a good prognosis, it is a feeling that is unexplainable. A feeling that only people who have been diagnosed know. It’s the C word that no one ever wants to hear. I am so thankful that I am halfway through and have only had one real setback in the beginning. 
The first thing I do on admission day is meet with my doc. Then I get my port accessed so they can draw blood and start my chemo through it, which they do once I am in my room. So from my docs office, I go across the street to my room at the hospital. I unpack my things.  I always bring my own blanket and pillow. I then sanitize my whole room. Everything that I will be touching to make sure any germs from others are gone. (I have been a real germaphobe). Then I get in my bed and turn on the tv. Read magazines and fall asleep because they always give me Benadryl on the first day to prevent a reaction to the Rituxan and that puts me to sleep. Then it’s pretty much the same thing everyday. I do get up and walk around the hospital as much as possible. This time I brought my own food because I cannot eat this food anymore. One of the hardest things is to drink the water I supposed to drink. I am supposed to be drinking atleast 80 ounces a day which is so hard for me. I can usually get in about 30 to 40 no problem. But I usually don’t drink as much as I am supposed to. Its hard.  Anyway that’s all I have to post now!! Goodnight!

Welcome to my life….lol


6 thoughts on “CT results = officially half way through chemo!

  1. mary fiedler

    Your blogs are always so informative, funny, encouraging and incredibly hopeful.
    Keep fighting the big C and show it who’s boss!
    Love, your favorite aunt Mary


  2. bree

    What about drinking water from a straw? I know it sounds silly but i can drink more through a straw. Amy your posts are so amazing. Youre so brave. Wise. Beautiful and curageous. I could never imagine being told the c word. I could never imagine going through everything you are going through. You are so strong and positive when i see you. You are the same amy ive always known. I know its weird to say but you make going through all this look ‘easy’ but i know its not its just your amazing outlook on it all. Im so happy its going well and youre almost done. I pray you dont have to go through radiation and that it doesnt come back again. Youre amazing in every way. Your story has touched all of us.


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