Received my wig!!!

Yesterday I received the wig in the mail. The long strawberry blonde wig with the hat and I absolutely love it!  The cap is surprisingly very comfortable. It doesn’t feel like I am wearing anything. The nice part about it is that I can change hats. The hat is not attached and after I found out I had cancer and made the premature decision that I wasn’t going to wear wigs, I went and spent a lot of money on hats and scarves. So it’s really nice to still be able to use those with the hair. I curled the hair today. It is definitely real human hair. I was able to comb it and curl it and it’s nice because when I come home I take it off so it stays nice and curled and ready for the next time I wear it. I’m so appreciative of the family and friends that donated towards this and making it happen. Thank you!




8 thoughts on “Received my wig!!!

  1. Katie

    Amy, I loved this particular blog entry… Was pulling at my heart strings so much. I’m so amazed at the positive attitude and positive changes you’re making not only in yourself but in your life.

    PS: The hair is beautiful!!!! 🙂


  2. Heather "Peterson" Arenson

    First, I want to say sorry you are going through this. I found your website on Facebook, and all your posts. I can’t say a few tears didn’t come out reading you story, but I can’t believe how strong you are! You taught me a lot about cancer, so thank you for that! It is so amazing! I loved reading your thoughts on God and wondering if he will help, I’m glad he is helping you! You look so beautiful and I hope you continue to be strong!


    P.s. Your new husky is so cute!! My sister-in-law has one and she is always looking for playmates (she says they get along better with fellow huskies) so if you feel up to it they could play together. 🙂


  3. jodi

    Hi lady. I just want you to know that you have been in my prayers. I love how strong you are and how this little set back has changed your view of the world. Keep going strong and anything is possible.

    P’s I love the wig it’s beautiful.


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