Getting ready for tomorrow! 2nd round of chemo..

Going back in for my second round of chemo tomorrow (Thursday sept 18). I all packed and ready to go. I kind of know what to expect this time to it was easier to make a plan for the week and know what to pack. I will be there until Wednesday most likely. It will be the same thing as last time. I will start my day tomorrow with Rituxan. This is the drug that they give me through my IV port for 24 hours. This drug helps the chemo work better. It is made up of 99% human hormones and 1% mouse hormones so my doctor told me as a side effect I might find that I am scared of cats and really like cheese. Lol. But this is the one that causes a painful reaction. They tell me it won’t be as bad the second time around. But this is the one they makes me most nervous. Then I will get the chemo for 4 days and one last 12 hour drug. No spinal tap this time. We are holding off on those for now. It really sucks that my dogs can’t come visit me. Oh and I think I forgot to mention that I did do an xray before I left the hospital the first time and the large tumor has shrunk. I do not know how much but it has shrunk. So I’m excited to go and get a second cycle out of the way and keep moving forward! I don’t think I ever posted a picture of my port. A port was surgically put in place under my skin on the right side of my chest. This is what they hook the chemo IV up to every time I come. It’s covered with a bandaid in this pic but under the bandaid is the port and it sticks out and looks pretty weird. Then above the bandaid is a tube that goes up to my collar bone where there is one more very small incision. The redness around all of it is just because I had just had tape pulled off my skin because when they hook it all up they tape it up also. I will try to remember to post another pic when it is all hooked up tomorrow! I am going to get some sleep now. Goodnight. Here is the pic below…..


5 thoughts on “Getting ready for tomorrow! 2nd round of chemo..

  1. Jennifer

    I too will pray for more shrinking… I would love to visit you again with beautiful Spa Magazines I have collected more. Please let me know what day is best for you. I can come twice. I hope this time everything is much better and that your room has a window. 😉


  2. Bev Hale Halleckson "BHH"

    Sending our thoughts, hugs, and strength as you take another step closer to health, Amy.
    Please keep the updates coming.
    🙂 We’re thinking of you and miss you here at our 99th sale,
    BHH and your HQ Friends


  3. Colleen

    Amy, you’re so brave! Hope your first day has been an easier one for you this time. And great news to hear the tumor has shrunk! Sending lots of good thoughts your way!


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