Day 2 of 1st chemo cycle went great!

Today has been great! This morning around 9am started with my first round of actual chemo. Yesterday was Rituxan which is a drug that helps the chemo work better that is used often with non Hodgkin lymphoma. Today I started my chemo drugs which will continue for 4 days! I also take prednisone for the 4 days which I think really helps. Before the chemo began they gave me medicine for nausea and that worked great. I began having a little bit of nausea around midnight so they gave me more medicine for that. So far so good! I have ache legs and tingly feet, and a headache but that’s about all for today. I had lots of visitors which was great. Especially since I was feeling pretty well. I was happy to see my daughter today! I have been reading a lot of magazines. Watching tv. Trying to move around. Normally I work out 5 days a week so this has been hard to have to stay in bed. My new doctor came to see me. I really like him. He has a very positive attitude. He really is a great! He also got to meet my family.
I am starting to get really tired so I am going to bed. Hoping and praying that tomorrow is as good as today! Goodnight.

4 thoughts on “Day 2 of 1st chemo cycle went great!

  1. Angela

    I am so happy you had a good day! Thank you for this blog! Keep writing. I love reading your progress and its comforting to read your words and know you are doing ok. I bet it feels good to express your thoughts and feelings too. : ) Keep up the good work! You are doing great!
    💜 Ang 👼


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