End of day one… Rituxan

Here I am at the end of day one. My day began around noon where I met my new doctor, Dr.Bloom at the clinic to go over a few things. He then walked me over to the hospital across the street to be admitted. The first thing on the list for today was getting a port put in. A port is something that they surgically put under my skin on my upper right chest area to receive my drugs through instead of an IV on my arm each time I come. It is like a semi permanent IV port so I that I don’t have to be poked with needles each time I come. It will be removed at the end of all my treatments. This surgery lasted about an hour. They have me on very strong medication as well as numbing the area so I did not feel a thing but I was awake. I actually felt great from the drugs they gave me. I didn’t want the surgery to end! But it did and eventually the meds wore off and the area is quite sore now but tolerable. I then was brought to my room and at around 6pm my first round of chemo was started. The first drug given is Rituxan. I was told I will receive a reaction to this drug. They start with a low dose and they increase it every half hour until the reaction occurs and then they stop it, give me to meds to feel better, then start it again and continue it at a lower speed. I got one increases and then the reaction began. It was very painful and intense. It is difficult to describe. It is almost like forcing your body into a very high fever. Everything on my entire body ached BADLY!. I had severe chills, uncontrollable shaking, muscle cramps. I could not keep my legs still, intense vomitting, bad headache, I was in tears for about a half hour until they gave me the drugs to stop it which were supposed to be in the room ready but they weren’t. The nurse didn’t even order them. Then they continued the drugs at a slower speed to keep me away from that reaction happening again. Afterwards I was just extremely tired for the rest of the night but my body feels okay again.  It is now 2:50 am and I’m awake so I thought I would update everyone on how the first day went. I believe tomorrow evening I switch to a different chemo med. I have made it through the first day!!! Going to bed now. Goodnight.

3 thoughts on “End of day one… Rituxan

  1. Bev Hale-Halleckson "BHH"

    Amy, I’m glad to learn that the countdown to your new healthy life has begun, but I’m sorry today was so tough. I’m trusting that your resolve is tougher!

    Holding you in my thoughts throughout this process and sending strength,


  2. Colleen

    Amy, feel so bad for what you went through. I hope that today was a better day for you. Your courage and strength are an inspiration for all of us. God bless!


  3. Bv&Terry

    Hi Sweetie, We may be in Grand Cayman but we have you in our thoughts every day. You are the strongest, bravest person we know. It is just one day at a time which might help. Love you and praying for nothing but the best. Bev and Terry


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