Almost ripped my hair out today before the chemo even started!!!!! Agh!!!!!!

Talk about ups and downs. I had two appointments today. One at 9am for a second opinion that I got into quickly. And one at 1:30 with my normal doctor to prepare for chemo starting tomorrow. I went to the second opinion appointment with Dr.Bloom and he agreed with the treatment plan that I was set up with at the U of M with Dr.Peterson. When I left my 9am appointment I felt great! Ready to get things started with my first doctor. Then I get a call from them saying that my insurance is telling them they are out of network. I said that can’t be because I got Dr.Peterson’s name from my insurance company when I called looking for hematologists in my network. I called my insurance company and they told me he is not covered. What???!!?!! R u kidding me. I have had doctor appointments, scans, surgeries, biopsies and got all set up to start chemo tomorrow and now u say I can’t go there????? I have been handling things quite well up until now but this really made me lose it. How can this even happen. So I was stuck with making the decision to hold off on treatment to find a new doc or go ahead with treatment and appeal it with my insurance company. My doc told me I can’t wait any longer than a couple of days. I have an aggressive form of cancer that can kill me in a matter of weeks at this point. And here I am last minute completely stuck!!!! Plus I love the doctor I have been with so far and it’s just not fair to have to switch. I then decided to call back the doctor I saw this morning for a second opinion just to see if by any chance they can even get all my info over and get me admitted this week. I know this stuff takes time to set up. But than God they Somehow got it done. I am all switched over to an in network doctor and will be admitted tomorrow afternoon like originally planned. Only now with a different doctor. I’m disappointed I had to change but I’m happy to be able to continue on with treatment immediately. I originally wasn’t going to get a second opinion because of timing but I had made this appointment a long time ago and since my treatment wasn’t starting until Wednesday I decided to go anyway and just see what this doc had to say. So luckily I have already met him. We have already had a consultation and there was no delay in treatment. I will however be appealing my insurance company for the bills that I have so far for being seen at an out of network clinic at their referral!!!! They faxed me the name of the clinic!! Of course now they are saying they didn’t. Whatever. I will deal with that later. Glad to be starting tomorrow. Things haven’t gone perfect but I am definitely moving in the right direction now. Goodnight 😴

5 thoughts on “Almost ripped my hair out today before the chemo even started!!!!! Agh!!!!!!

  1. Colleen

    Such an awful thing to go through on top of everything you’ve been dealing with. Yes, God certainly does answer our prayers and he answered yours today. Glad I was able to see you tonight. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know!


  2. Jennifer

    Insurance companies suck in general. Sorry you had to deal with that unnecessary stress. All in all it worked out thank god you made the 2nd opinion appt.


  3. bree

    Terrible!!!stupid insurance companies. But it was a ‘hiccup’ and now your moving on. Your outlook is clear and these things will not get in your way. Moving forward and onward!


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