Doc called! Wednesday is the day to be admitted for first cycle of chemo!

I got the call from my doctor. My spinal tap results look great showing no sign of lymphoma in my CNS. He is aware that I want to go with E-POCH for treatment and they have me set to be admitted on Wednesday August 27th. Next week! The first round of chemo will be inpatient so I will be in the hospital from Wednesday until about Monday or Tuesday. My nurse also told me that she is trying to get me set up with a chemo backpack for the rest of my cycles. That means that for the 4-5 days that I would normally be in the hospital to receive my chemo continuously around the clock, instead I would go in every three weeks and get hooked up to a chemo backpack that I would take home with me and this backpack would give me my chemo through an IV continuously for the 4-5 days. That way I wouldn’t have to be in the hospital the entire time I am receiving the chemo. I did learn today that I will have to give myself shots every day which will be difficult for me but I’m sure I will get over it quick. I am bummed that I will miss my daughters open house for school and possibly her first day of school. But I am so happy that I have great friends and family that have all been so incredibly helpful. It takes so much stress off of me. One more long weekend to go before I can finally start treatment and then this will all start to become very real, very fast.

9 thoughts on “Doc called! Wednesday is the day to be admitted for first cycle of chemo!

  1. Colleen

    I’m so happy to hear your spinal tap results come back okay……I know how relieved you must feel! At least now you have a plan in place and can begin your treatment. Hopefully you won’t miss out on Harmony’s first day of school. I know what an important day that is for both of you! We will continue sending good thoughts and prayers your way. I know you’ll get through this stronger and ready to conquer whatever may come your way!!


  2. Ashley Kline (Massie)

    Hey Amy,
    Been thinking and praying for strength and a plan for treatment since my dad (Bob Massie) told me of your diagnosis.
    From your writings it sounds like you’re a warrior . You got us with you. Keep writing.
    – love-
    Cousin Ashley


  3. Angela

    I have been thinking about you and praying for you continuously! You are so strong and so brave Amy! Good luck with everything tomorrow! Please don’t feel bad about Harmony’s open house & 1st day of school. I just know she is learning from your courage. And you have to miss the beginning of this one school year so that you can be there for many more school years to come!!! Please know that you are never alone through this. We are all here with you! And we all love you! Now go kick cancer’s ass Amy!!! : )


  4. Bev Hale-Halleckson "BHH"

    You have much support from your friends at HQ, Amy. Anything you need, just name it. We’ll work out the details.
    You and your family are on our minds and in our hearts.
    Strength and love,
    “The principle part of faith is patience.”


  5. bree

    Ohh this one makes me smile. To have a backpack? That would be soo much better for your active life. I hope that works out for this next round. Being in the hospital for that length of time you would think can drive a person nuts itself so thats great. Of course im so so happy the cancer isnt in the CNS also. Thinking of you amy! Remember how we could just look at each other in middle school/junior high in the middle of class and just start cracking up outa nowhere?loved those days.i laughed at that jumping lamb video on fb lol. I duno y thats so funny made me think ofall the laughs ive had with you and how much fun we’ve had through the years. Xoxo


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