Stage 4B lymphoma

Today I met with the doctor to discuss the results of my tests from last Friday which included a PET scan, echo heart test and a bone marrow biopsy. The good news is there is no cancer in my bone marrow. And my heart is very strong. No issues with my heart test. I did find out that I am at a stage 4B. To help you understand that. The staging goes from 1 to 4. The letters are A or B. A meaning no symptoms. B meaning with symptoms. A stage one would be if the cancer did not spread or spread to one lymph node. A stage two I believe is if there was cancer found in more than one lymph node on the same side of the body. Stage 3 is when cancer is found in lymph nodes on both side of the body and stage 4 is when cancer is found in lymph nodes on both sides of the body and other organ(s). This explanation can vary a little bit also. In my case. I am a stage 4B because my cancer has spread to both of my adrenal glands, my thyroid, two lymph nodes in my abdomen and one lymph node near my groin area. The B represents the fact that I do have symptoms which include chest pain, cough, shortness of breath and night sweats. I did have an MRI today which showed no lymphoma found near my brain. I will have a spinal tap tomorrow morning to see if it is anywhere in my central nervous system. Then finally I can begin my treatment. With all of that said. My doctor said this does not change our original goal or treatment plan. Or prognosis. He said not to worry so much about the stage and that it is still highly treatable. We also discussed treatment option which I will get into later. This was all a lot to take in today. I still feel very optimistic and very much ready to just begin treatment. I am thankful for all of the friends and family who have been helping me so much throughout all of this. It’s been a lot of ups and downs but I’m happy to be soon done and starting treatment. Good night. 😴

3 thoughts on “Stage 4B lymphoma

  1. Mark Dailey

    Hang in there kid , I hope you know you’re in my heart and my prayers everyday.I’ll be back in town soon, see you then love ya.


  2. Bev Hale-Halleckson "BHH"

    The Chinese fortune cookie wisdom that I have attached to my clipboard says,

    “The principle part of faith is patience.”

    This remarkable, simple statement has seen me through many tough times recently.
    And I share it with you and your family tonight, Amy.
    Thank you for keeping us updated. Please know that I’m available to help in any way at any time.
    My heart and strength are with you.


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